Evolution of your software challenging? All solutions built with our technology easily adapt to changing requirements – no downtime. Finally, software that evolves with you. Start to develop with even partial requirements – grow or modify as you need. It’s as simple as adding or removing an association.

Want to cut down on time to delivery? Setting up, building, and maintaining your solutions takes just a fraction of the traditional time. Turn weeks of development into just a few days. Make sweeping changes to your database framework in moments. There is NO namespace binding whatsoever. And there is no structure to maintain.

Database functions run orders of magnitude faster on our technology, because instead of running queries on an entire system, we filter directly to the information you are interested in seeing. Data takes up a fraction of the usual space because redundancy is obliterated. We store only unique values.

Aggregate any number of disparate sources with no queries.Any type of source; Excel, Oracle, SQL, weblogs, RSS feeds, even legacy systems… Without affecting the source. Easily connect it all and our system will help show you the relationships that are usually hidden deep within.

Have streams of unstructured data coming at you constantly? Handle any type of data with the same ease and fluidity that excel handles numbers. We love all types, shapes and forms. You can now build applications that feel the same way.

Have complex requests from customers that will take a long time to deliver? Our system handles complex tasks with style. We no longer have to search for data – all items are stored with the information about them, in context with everything they are related to. Easily aggregate disparate sources to Fully Associate your solution.

Our technology is designed from the ground-up with security in mind. Its basic design compartmentalizes information so that no one can have access to anything they shouldn’t. The simple access control allows for segregation of information all the way down to the item level.

Our platform uses a simple API which cuts development time by more than half. With just six functions, simplicity abounds! There is no database design because we have no tables or underlying structure to develop and maintain.